Group Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are a great way to stay on track with your weight loss goals. Whether you find the idea of a fitness class exciting or intimidating, fitness classes are a perfect way to stay on schedule and fight the mental battle involved in your fitness plan. Studies have shown that having other people involved in your fitness journey (i.e., classmates that you get to know) will greatly increase your success rate.

Group Fitness Classes for Individual Goals

Group fitness classes are positive, vitalizing experiences that allow you to interact with others or go into your own mental workout zone. They are also a more cost effective way to meet your personal fitness goals!

All of our classes are taught by Certified Personal Trainers, which means that you will receive knowledgeable feedback regarding form, modifications, and any other necessary tweaks to your workout. In addition, our group classes are part of a monthly package and you can come to an unlimited number of classes each month!

If you thrive on the energy of others and can see yourself meeting your weight loss goals because of that energy, group fitness classes are perfect for you. Fit Style’s Unlimited Classes, which currently include our HIIT Circuit (timed, individual stations targeting every muscle group for a total body burn) and our exclusive Zumba/PiYO Fusion (combining upbeat Zumba moves and music with the challenging yet healing PiYO moves under chandelier lights) help keep you motivated while getting in shape and seeing results! And just to keep things exciting for you, we have a “Mix-It-Up” day every month where we introduce a totally new type of workout!

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Structure Time and Create Healthy Fitness Habits

Successful fitness and weight loss goals require a well-laid, achievable plan that becomes positive lifestyle habits. Fitness classes hold you accountable to fit workout sessions into your busy schedule. When you sign up for a group fitness class, you are making a personal commitment to bettering yourself and meeting your weight loss goals.

At Fit Style, we work with you to meet your individual goals. We request that our members sign up for the classes they are going to attend to create a level of accountability, as well as to help us plan our group fitness routines for that day.

Feel Energized and Inspired

Another major benefit of fitness classes, is that you get to work out with an energized instructor, upbeat music, and other positive, supportive gym members. The energy in the room keeps you focused and engaged in your fat blasting workout. With our amazing instructors and the Fit Style member community, you will leave feeling great and will look forward to your next class!

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