Personal Training for WomenLet’s face it, Ladies.  As we age, we are finding it more difficult to keep that body of our youth.  Our metabolism slows down, and the demands of work, parenting, schedules, and Life leave us with less time, energy and focus.  The glass of wine and chocolates often comfort and soothe us, leaving us with extra calories and sugar which turns to fat.  The couch beckons us, and finding time to work out can be a challenge, a bore, or an excuse to remain in the body we don’t always like. We want to work out and we know we should, but we have fallen victim to the lie that working out with weights will make us bulky.  And redefining our girlie figure to look more like a man than a woman is not our idea of feminine.

But, But, Butt

We know we are beautiful on the inside and out, and there is a part of us that really wants to regain our sleek, healthy physiques. Fat deposits and dimples replace lean arms, legs, and buttocks. Our waists are expanding, and it’s getting more difficult to button those pants. Sweats replace jeans, and we feel grumpy, bloated, tired, and “blah.”

We make excuses not to work out. Sometimes we spend hours at the gym but don’t get results. We plateau, spend money on videos, meal replacements, and gym memberships that don’t make a difference. We’re in a slump.

Fit Style has the Perfect Solution- Hire a Personal Trainer

 Hiring a personal trainer can leave your mind, body, and soul feeling whole. If you are a woman deciding whether or not to hire a personal trainer, you might want to examine the benefits of personal training to women.

  1. Personal trainers offer individual motivation and emotional support you do not get when you are training on your own.
  2. You have personal access to someone with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and education about working out, health and nutrition.
  3. Specific exercises can be tailored toward your individual needs or limitations and target areas such as waist, stomach, thighs, glutes.
  4. Working with a personal trainer reduces or eliminates the risk of injury since he or she can show you how to perform the exercise correctly.
  5. Having a set schedule will keep your progress on target, reduce the amount of time it takes to get to your targeted goals, and keep you motivated.
  6. Personal trainers maximize workouts so you burn more calories and have a more efficient workout.
  7. The chance of you plateauing is greatly reduced since you have someone who knows how to get you past that.
  8. Exercising releases endorphins that will make you feel happy, give you energy, and help you sleep better. This makes you a better mom, partner, daughter, worker.
  9. There will be a faster and more measurable difference in your physical shape, strength, endurance, and or speed than trying to go it on your own.
  10. A personal trainer can be a cheaper choice for you to overhaul your body. Spending money on a trainer versus expensive gym memberships, diet programs, and surgeries can payoff overtime.  Not to mention the hours saved not having to scour the internet for food and exercise ideas or wasted on the elliptical month after month with nothing to show for it.

Take the First Step to a New Feminine You with Personal Training

 Say good-bye to chicken-wing arms, the muffin top, self-doubt, and fatigue.  Break out the shorts, skinny jeans, bathing suits and dresses you’ve been dying to wear, then add an entire new attitude with energy! A fit and feminine, new you is there, behind all of the layers of clothing you hide behind, behind all of your excuses, and behind all of your fears and doubts.

If you are ready to get serious about that dream body, we can help! Want information about hiring a personal trainer or have questions? Contact us for a free assessment!  You have nothing to lose but pounds, inches, self-doubt, and a bunch of clothes that are too big!