Do you know the difference between “weight” loss and pure fat loss?

Do you want to learn how to transform your body by losing just the fat and keeping all of your shapely, toned, lean muscle?


With our knowledge and background of the competition side of physiques – bodybuilding, figure, and bikini – We can teach you how to progressively and methodically change your current eating habits with nutrition planning to completely transform your body! Get rid of the unsightly fat, and keep all of your muscle for the tight, fit, and defined look you’ve been wanting!

Hire us as your nutrition coach to help you can become stronger, healthier, leaner and completely change the shape of your body! Through keeping a food journal that you will bring in weekly for review and changes, we can transform your eating patterns to get you the body you want without shocking your system or your lifestyle. By going through the process of changing your eating rather than crash dieting, you will lose the fat and keep it off! After all, Fitness Is a Lifestyle, Not a Destination!

Check out the Before & After page to see some recent physique transformations of clients who followed the Nutrition planning of Fit Style Personal Training in Pleasanton.