Jenn is the best personal trainer in the world!!! I came to her when I was at the lowest point of my life, both physically and emotionally. I was nervous about starting to work with her because it had been hard for me to maintain an exercise routine once I begin. Jenn is THE person to go to if you want to change your life.. she listens and challenges you in workouts and is a MASTER at motivating you when you’re not in the mood 🙂 She is well worth the investment and anybody would be lucky to have her in their corner. – Maha

I began working with Jenn over 3 years ago. With her help, I reached my goal of losing over 100 lbs. When I moved out of the area, I stopped my training with Jenn. I tried working with other trainers but I did not see the same results. Coupled with a nagging injury, I gained weight. I have since returned to working with Jenn. With her continued support & guidance, I am well on my way to losing the weight I gained. I cannot recommend her more. – Espi

Jenn is fantastic! When I came to her I was a mess, both physically and emotionally. I had several physical limitations, but Jenn was able to create workouts that helped me. Working with her is essential to my ongoing health, she is my biggest cheerleader, and I’ve been able to do things I never thought were possible! Thank you Jenn, you really are a life saver and I am so blessed to have found you! – Lisa

Jenn’s true gift is her ability to work with each individual to help you learn the formula of diet, training, AND state of mind which is where the real source of success comes. She genuinely loves her career and has proven herself on countless occasions to push me beyond my comfort zone and move me past hurdles to achieve results. She does so with great patience, encouragement, and an unwavering uplifting attitude which are what I personally needed to succeed. Thanks Jenn! – Tasha

I had never tried a PERSONAL TRAINER until 10 months ago. I was turning 50 and really wanted to change my body and eating habits. She is open, loving, and extremely professional. She pushes you to work hard and go beyond your limits. My friends and family are very impressed with my transformation. I am LOVIN’ IT! In a short period I have more results than all the years working out on my own. Not only do I see the changes in my body, I feel so much better. Jenn is alwaays a pleasure to work with and knows exactly how much to push me. – Donna

Jenn is awesome! She’s young, energetic, enthusiastic and so much fun to work out with. She is dying to help you achieve your goals and loves to see you progress over time. She is extremely motivating and will do just about anything to make sure you walk out of there feeling proud of yourself and happy you went. And I walked away each time feeling like I really accomplished something and that I was on the way to my goals! – Kerry

Jenn is a great personal trainer. She is very dedicated to her profession and provides a well rounded work out and nutrition guidance. I have been training with Jenn for 7.5 months. I have lost weight, gotten so much stronger, lost inches and both my blood pressure and cholesterol have significantly decreased. Jenn changes up our routine every 3 weeks and makes work outs “fun”. She listens to her clients and adjusts, yet pushes them to exceed their own goals. Sometimes it is tough to be pushed and pushed, but then you start to see the results and it is awesome. I have definitely seen results on multiple levels since my training with Jenn started. We still have lots of work to do, but I am not doing it without Jenn. This is a great investment in yourself and Jenn is a great partner to get you to a healthier you! – Gretchen

Jenn’s Personal Training was the best gift for my pending 40th birthday. Bottom-line she delivers results! Her comprehensive workouts have transformed my body and improved my youthful appearance. I combined bootcamp with personal training which kept me on a consistent routine. I have Jenn to thank for all of the amazing compliments I received on my special day! – Julie

In the last 9 months of working with Jenn I’ve lost over 70 pounds! Her support, expertise and nutritional advice have proven invaluable to me in my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. For once, I feel like I have the tools and the confidence to continue to lose weight, to keep it off and maintain a healthy lifestyle. – Esperanza

Jenn gives me the motivation I need! Even when I don’t feel like working out, she encourages me and pushes me to do my best. She makes me feel good about myself and most of all she cares about me, my health, and keeping fit. – Michelle

I started out doing Jenn’s bootcamp. I added in Personal Training and my dress size has gone from a 10 to a 6! I’m much happier and less stressed at work and I have learned so much about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I will be 50 soon, and I am in the most fabulous shape of my life. Best of all, the process has been a ton of fun. Thank you Jenn! – Yvonne

Jenn is the most wonderful Personal Trainer I have ever worked with because she listens to me and yet pushes me to places I never knew I could go! She is very motivational and enjoyable to have kick your booty into shape! I recommend her to everyone who loves OR hates to work out because she is so amazing at what she does, sessions fly by as the pounds melt away! – Melissa

I have been training with Jenn for about 6 months now and I’m really toned up….. 🙂 She is the best trainer I’ve had! She is definitely the “Jillian Michaels” of Pleasanton. She is on top of things when it comes to working out and keeps you motivated. I have so much more confidence now and I couldn’t have done it without her. If you you want to get into great shape I would definitely recommend seeing her. Thanks Jenn!!!! – Bertie

I have been doing bootcamp with Jenn for about 3 years now & I just love it. I also trained with Jenn & she pushed me to limits I didn’t know I had in me. With her motivation, support & nutritional knowledge I have lost 10lbs. I would recommend both Jenn’s bootcamp & personal training to anyone who is ready to start getting into shape or to shape up what you already have. Thanks Jenn! – Laura

I started 3 years ago with Jenn’s bootcamp after my twins were 9 months old. I needed energy to keep up with them and my body back. I also took advantage of her personal training a year and a half ago. Not only did I get my body back with Jenn but, I have gotten in shape and toned up to what exceeded anything I thought I could do. She is encouraging, doesn’t let you cheat yourself and helps to keep “me” motivated. I have even brought my teenage son to her over the summer to keep his endurance up for the sports he does during the school year. If you are looking for results, I recommend Jenn. – Pamela

I have trained with Jenn for a year now and she has helped me so much. I did my first bikini competition and Jenn kept me motivated to train and helped me prepare for my show. I won my first show with Jenn’s support. Her positive attitude and continuous motivation is refreshing, especially in a competitive atmosphere. She helps you exceed any limitations you think you might have. Jenn helps you achieve your goal then surpass it beyond anything you could imagine. Her expertise in fitness and lifestyle are life changing. If you want to get in shape with a trainer that is real, Jenn is the one. – Nicole

I am a pitcher at Chabot College and since working with Jenn I’ve added 10 mph to my fastball and my performance on and off the field is still progressing well beyond what I expected! Work with Jenn if you want to see great results. – Kyle

Jenn is the best personal trainer I’ve had! She’s highly trained, knowledgeable, dedicated, professional, and makes sessions creative and fun! – Ellen

I have worked with other trainers and am getting the best results from Jenn! I recommend her to anyone looking for a great trainer and a positive experience! – Joanna

I have been working out now for about 3 years and have gone through many trainers in that time. Once I had the opportunity to train with Jenn I began to see the extreme change in my endurance and physique… it was clear she was the trainer for me! – Amy

Jenn really has the ability to push you to new limits without you even knowing it! I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to her unique style of training. – Jeannette

Jenn’s bootcamp takes the boring out of exercise. I have been attending her class for over two years and constantly find myself challenged as I grow stronger. Jenn keeps this 62 year old young and healthy. Highly recommended. – Jane

I highly recommend Jenn’s bootcamp. She is very knowledgeable and motivating and provides a progressive workout. The routine changes often so you keep pushing yourself and never get bored and you can’t help but be pleased with the results. – Stephanie

I am back for the 4th session and I love it! Jenn’s bootcamp gives me a total body workout while challenging my fitness goals and she makes sure I know how each exercise is done properly so I get the maximum benefit. I feel better and look better as a result. And the outdoor atmosphere is awesome! Watching the sun come up while exercising with ladies of all ages is motivating and a lot of fun! I highly recommend Jenn’s bootcamp! – Tracy

Jenn’s bootcamp is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. – Nancy

I am addicted to Jenn’s bootcamp. It’s the best workout I’ve ever experienced! – Ann

Jenn’s bootcamp is a fabulous alternative to the gym. Fresh outdoors and a kick-ass workout! I am losing weight, getting in shape, and having a blast with an awesome trainer and the best group of women you could ask for!  – Pauline

Jenn’s bootcamp keeps me on track, motivated, and accountable. Besides, the new friends I’ve made are fantabulous!  – Carol

Fitness Is a Lifestyle bootcamp has been the greatest motivation in my health and fitness.  – Amy

I walk 5 days a week and Jenn’s bootcamp is a whole other level of a workout!  – Sherri